Primosfera is a family-owned and independent Real Estate company. Its projects combine the unique vision of architects, artists, and artisans with urban integration with their location to rescue and honor the heritage.

For the public presentation of Primosfera, we were asked for a visual and physical document that would be a living witness to its values and purpose.

The film focuses on three moments of creation: the matter, the idea, and the work.

It explores these three phases with its elements, associating rhythms, chromatic palettes, sound and musical compositions, and human presence, with the text that guides the narrative.The film and book O Prefácio and the new website were presented at a private event, for the most significant international investors with strong and important interests in the real estate area and with the ambition to change it for the better. This was the brand's first advance in presenting a collection of buildings that are being prepared with the same care and commitment as the brand’s.

Film by
João LeJoy

Photos by
Nuno Moreira

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