This is Pacifica is established in Porto. We help our clients bridge meaningful connections with the world via Strategy, Branding and Graphic Design. Always open to new experiences, we like to take risks and unexpected turns.

Pacifica x Best Youth  
Check out our 2023 groove! This year was like a good playlist — packed with awesome experiences. Our projects scored some sweet recognition, and we’re all smiles, sharing these wins with our talented buddies and awesome clients.
2023 opened up doors for new projects, new partners, and new clients who roll with our creative flow.

Shoutout to @wearebestyouth for spicing up our showreel with a killer track. Much love, Ed&Kate, for the boost, and José Praça for the editing.

Thanks, everyone, for making this year a blast. 2024, we’re coming in hot! 🌟🎉

Better Future by Design
EcoDesign Certification
Pacifica became the first creative company in Portugal to complete the ISO 14006 EcoDesign Certification process.
We establish as a priority not only the creation of products considering their lifecycle and greater longevity but also products that contribute to a regenerative and resilient economy model. A creative performance with a solid, substantiated seal of transformation, bringing impact and added value to brands, companies, and products born under this umbrella.

[Brick] Book wins GOLD 
ADC*E Awards

We're thrilled to announce that we just won a gold award at ADC*E in Editorial Design. We're very pleased to share this achievement with Primosfera and the entire team. 

Star Channel

Soon, FOX will transform into STAR Channel.
The Walt Disney Company Portugal has unveiled a new brand and visual identity for the series and film channels.

This is Pacifica takes great pride in creatively leading this transformative process. Get ready for a visual feast in the first quarter of 2024 as we unveil a brand-new look and identity for our series and film channels. The transformation is not just skin deep – it's a celebration of creativity, with seven distinct graphic packages and over two thousand pieces, all crafted by talented Portuguese artists. These exciting changes will soon sweep across all FOX channels in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

C.O2.A.T. wins the grand prize
Eficácia Awards

C.O2.A.T. was the grand prize winner of the XVIII Eficácia Awards.

The Eficácia Awards are the only awards in Portugal that focus on and reward the joint work of advertisers and their agencies based on the measured and proven effectiveness of their communication campaigns.

C.O2.A.T. wins a gold lion at CANNES LIONS
Design: Promotional Item

C.O2.A.T., the living, breathing piece of clothing developed together with Azgard9, Post Carbon Lab and Stream and Tough Guy just won a gold lion at Cannes Lions (Design:Promotional Item), 2 Bronzes (Design: Lifestyle, Fashion, Leisure, Sports & Outdoor and B2B: Coporate purpose & Social responsability) and a shortlist (B2B: Product Craft). We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves and the client.

This is Pacifica is a design and art direction studio based in Matosinhos, founded in 2007 by Pedro Mesquita, Filipe Mesquita and Pedro Serrão. It develops multidisciplinary projects for a wide spectrum of customers, products and services. Through strategic and objective thinking, it presents formal grammars that challenge the limits of the practice of design in the national and international panorama. The projects that make up its portfolio have been distinguished at the main communication and design events.

With a fresh spirit, we make integrated communication and differentiated projects which have originated recognition and awards such as:

︎ 1 Graphite Pencil at D&AD
︎ 1 Gold Award and 1 merit mention at The One Show
︎ 5 Cannes Lion Awards: 1 Gold in Design/ Promotional item, 1 Bronze in Design/Lyfestyle, Fashion Leisure, Sports and Outdoor, 1 Bronze B2B/Corporate purpose and Social responsibility, 1 Bronze in Design and Shortlist B2B/ Product craft at Cannes Creative Festival
︎ 3 Star Gold, 5 Silver Awards and 9 Bronze Awards at the Art Directors Club Europe (ADC*E)
︎ 1 Best of Show Design Award at the Art Directors Club Europe (ADC*E)
︎ 1 Gold Award, 5 Silvers and 3 Honourable Mentions at European Design Awards 
︎ 1 Gold Award and 3 Silvers at Graphis Annual Awards 2020
︎ 2 Awards at the Ibero American Biennial of Design
︎More than 100 awards at the Clube Criativos Portugal
Design Agency of the year 2019 at Clube Criativos Portugal
︎ 10 Design Awards at Meios&Publicidade

Current Team

Filipe Mesquita, Pedro Mesquita, Pedro Serrão,  Joana Babo, Carolina Peres, Mercedes Alves, Konstantin Ruther.

Team (2007 — Present)
Inês Costa (PT), Matilde Nicolau de Almeida (PT), Joana Kock (PT), Tomás Valle (PT), Pedro Lima (PT), Paulo Ribeiro (PT), Mariana Baldaia (PT), Tiago Campeã (PT), Beatriz Cóias (PT), Daniela Fardilha (PT), Telmo Parreira (PT), Joana Bravo (PT), Julia Guimarães (PT/BR), Charline Collete (FR), Inês Vital (PT), Claúdia Salgueiro (PT), Cristobal Sanchez (ES), Yilmaz Sen (TR), Majo Balko (Eslovaquia), Dalila Maganinho (PT), Giovanni Pamio (IT), Marta Albuquerque (ES), Leandra Boj (ES), Lasse Betzer (DN), Sabine Lehm (DE), Sarah Bouchir (FR), Justine Leysite(LT), Paula Garcia (ES), Esther Poch (FR/ES), Paulina Eichwald(RU), Maria Dunaeva (RU), Jorge Coutinho (PT), Wiola Stankiewicz (PL), Ana Fernandes (PT), Inês Barata (PT), Maria João Fernandes (PT), Zé Vitro (PT), João Alarcão (PT), João Sousa (PT), Luisa Mesquita (PT), Daniel Antunes (PT), Beatriz Carvalho (PT), Rita Robalinho (PT), Nikolaj Riise (DN), Laura Soares (PT), Elena Salaet (ES), Ola Dobrzyńska (PL), Margarida Olo (PT), Marco Lopes (PT), Luís Cepa (PT), Carolina Bagulho (PT), Joana Babo (PT), Carolina Peres (PT), José Praça (PT), Daniel Neves (PT).

Employment Opportunities
We are not currently looking to fill any full time positions but are always happy to receive portfolios if you are interested in working with us in a freelance capacity.

Internship Placements

We offer a few internships at the studio each year. If you are interested in completing an internship with us please email us some examples of your work. There are a large number of applicants each year so we apologise if on occasion we fail to respond to your enquiry.

Please email us [email protected]

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