TV Series

This is Pacifica has partnered with 313features to create the identity, titles and type design for the SANTIAGO Original Series about a serial killer thriller on a sacred path.

Inspired by the greatest symbol of the Camino of Santiago: the shell.

This identity subverts a symbol of reward into a symbol of fatality: The shell became known as the shell of Santiago because when pilgrims arrived in Santiago de Compostela, they received a parchment and placed it on their hat as a reward for the long and hard journey they've endured.
The most distinctive feature of this identity is the shell turned into a weapon and the subtle blood-drop animation that trickles down from it's inverted points between the spikes.

The typography, inspired by the extended letterforms painted on the ancient pilgrim route, is sharp and scathing.

A 313features production in association with Blanche Films.

Created by
Diogo Brito, Inês Braga and César Mourão 

Directed by
Pedro Varela

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