Fresh dough, made between the fingers, with the hands.

TRA LA Pasta Fresca is an uncomplicated restaurant. It simplifies and facilitates access to good food made on the spot.

TRA LA Pasta Fresca should assume a relaxed, happy and lively personality. The brand's attitude should reveal the food preparation environment: involved, cheerful and dedicated.

Pasta made from scratch, on the spot, and fast.
The motto was to visually explore the identity of the imagery of fresh pasta and the human figure with a distinctive and recognizable attribute using illustration and color. Explore visual expression through shape and cut and behind the strong color illustration. A brand that you want to eat.

The identity is based on typography with an elegant and unique curvilinear design, immediately recognizable and empathetic. The design of the typographic elements allows an immediate association with flavor, origin, and fun. It has striking angles of contrast that create a strong personality.

Illustration by
José Cardoso

Motion by
José Teixeira

Sound by
Pedro Marques

Photos by
Nuno Moreira

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