Atelier Space

Quadrado is a space open for everyone. This is at the core of the brand identity created for this new cultural hub in Alcântara, Lisbon welcoming artists and creatives in a co-work environment, as well as the general audience to experience multiple activities such as workshops, classes, conferences, film screenings, new talents showcase, castings and fittings. The brand identity of this space establishes a direct connection with the naming, literally leaving a space open to interpretation of the multiple actions to take place there. This is experienced in physical supports and reflected in its photographic representation. The signature "Espaço para todos" also reinforces Quadrado as a room to grow.

Maria João Hespanhol
(Co-Founder of Quadrado)
“Quadrado's brand identity has a clear intention: the inside shape reminisces an open space, available for various collaborations and activities, where everyone is welcome."

Photos by
Nuno Moreira

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